CU Revest


The Servatus Corporation along with several of America’s largest credit unions joined together to form CU Revest, a CUSO designed to manage and monetize charged off consumer debt.

CU Revest has recovered approximately $3 million in previously charged off consumer loans since our debut in 2013. Additionally, we have recovered more than 1,600 prior prime members who are now in good standing with their credit union.


Servatus Corporation and its subsidiaries strive to provide the highest level of financial, compliance and systems security for CU Revest LLC and its member credit unions.

At CU Revest, our mission is two-fold. (1) We seek to rehabilitate and recover qualified members, returning them to good standing with their credit unions. (2) We help those credit unions turn debt that is already off the books back into capital… and members back to good standing.


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Ana called and clarified i had a prior balance which I thought got settled by my previous employer, who went's been almost two years and the amount was settled in three installments with Ana helping out and now finally the account is paid in full with Ana promising not to report to any credit agencies. Overall the amount was taken out from my account on the dates given by me, and I was glad to recieve a follow up from Ana which satisfied my outstanding balance.

Joher S