CU Concierge

CU Conciergesm is a suite of interrelated, yet standalone solutions designed to provide our clients with a single, identifiable source of risk management resources for consumer loan origination, collateral protection, credit enhancement, loss mitigation, charge off portfolio management, capital restoration, and member recovery.

The Originator

Complete Loan Origination Solutions

A source of indirect consumer loans underwritten to a client credit union’s credit standards. Features include:

  • A fully automated, on-line application by phone or data input from your site
  • On-line custom credit scoring, credit bureau merges and interface
  • Complete document imaging for on-line storage retrieval
  • Third party verification of underwriting for quality control
  • Approval with automated contract or loan document preparation

The Servicer

Complete Loan Servicing and Collateral Protection

Complete loan servicing and collateral protection, including:

  • Complete “backup servicing” and “successor servicing” with an on-line, real time audit function
  • Fully automated lockbox billing and payment statement generation
  • Fast, accurate and complete conversions and servicing transitions, either on site or off site
  • 40,000 call per day, state of the art predictive dialing capacity
  • On-line monitoring and audit system
  • Complete disaster recovery and data warehousing

The Collector

First and Third Party Collections Solutions

Full spectrum delinquency control and management:

  • Early, mid, late and charge off collections
  • Processing of accounts for repossessions and legal action
  • Processing of voluntary repossessions
  • A full staff of Special Asset Officers to make reinstatement decisions and process up to date credit information on debtors who have collateral
  • Fully automated, on-line self-settlement tool
  • Experienced, professional skip tracers who use the latest information, technology and techniques to locate even the most hard to find debtors
  • Full repossession, collateral recovery and disposal system through our network of licensed and bonded repossession agents, auctions and wholesalers
  • National-wide network of collection attorneys

The Revestor

Post Charge off Capital and Member Recovery Solutions

Capital Restoration and Member Recovery Solutions for every Credit Union:

  • $0 fee service; CU Revest shares in the recovery of “found money” collected from old, abandoned charge off files that lenders and collection agencies have long stopped working
  • Patent-pending technology identifies post-agency, late stage collection-cycle debtors with the highest propensity to repay
  • Special Asset Officers assist qualified debtors in the credit rehabilitation process
  • Our licensed, captive finance company assists qualified debtors with interest-free charged off balance financing options
  • We are not a collection agency, but a time and results-proven additional resource layer focused on that portion of a credit union’s charge off portfolio that its internal collection department and outside agencies do not have the time, technology and/or resources to effectively manage
  • Our patent-pending model supports a member-centric approach that is highly successful after all other efforts have been abandoned. To date we have returned millions of dollars in lost capital to our credit union clients and recovered thousands of prior prime members who qualify for reinstatement

The Protector

Insurance, Bonds, General Liability, Management and Benefit Plans

CU Revest will promote Allied Solutions’ financial and risk management resources, including:

  • Bond and Property Package Insurance
  • Employee Benefits
  • Executive Benefits
  • Creditor Placed Insurance
  • Credit Life and Disability
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection
  • Lender Mortgage Default
  • Mechanical Breakdown Protection
  • Property and Casualty
  • Vendor Single Interest

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I was very pleased with my representative, Mr Aguilar. He was pleasant and helpful, which is unusual in your type of business. Thank you for assisting me with settling my debt.